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Reimagining the Oral Care Category with City Dental

City Dental Toronto plans to provide the utmost dental care to all patrons.

Their 5 branches in Toronto speaks volume of their community support and top notch dental care. With a primary focus on top patient care, establishing a reliable and trustworthy brand identity was key. Astoria is proud to promote a company that is not only health and wellness positive but spreads more positivity throughout their community efforts.


New website - no content

Revamped socials  - more content

New Hires  - no Professional Headshots


Rebranding content strategy for web and social media marketing focused on generating more page views and social media traffic. To support this result, attractive website content with branding photos, branding videos and portrait headshots was created with exceptional care and proficiency readily available to awe prospective consumers.


Content Strategy

A content strategy is a roadmap for your business as a plan for success. No detail is too small; from platform to timing, we consider every aspect of your business, outlining where we see the best opportunities for success.

Visual Identity

A visual identity is the foundation under which all branding messages are curated around. We consider every aspect of your business, from customer interaction to user experience, working out what style of identity works best to reach the audiences that matter most.

Creative Direction

Become the brand you always wished to be with the power of our workforce. Our team of experts will develop, define or refine your branding messages through graphics, photos, and videos to ensure your brand grows by reaching the audiences that matter most.

Branding Photography

One picture is worth a 1000 words. Imagine what a 100 pictures could do. We take as many pictures as necessary during our session and we later edit the ones that are truly worthy of showcasing your identity to your audience in the best light possible.

Branding Videography

If a picture is worth a 1000 words, a video is worth 10000 at the very least. We plan, script, storyboard, produce, color and edit your video(s) to make sure your message is portrayed to your target audience with the end result in mind.

Professional Portrait Headshots

There's no better way to show off your best face forward to your prospective audience, automatically creating trust and reliability before your audience even get's in contact with you.

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